Chalon/Saone - Strasbourg

Fifth and decisive match for the Pro A title at Chalon in La Colisee after both teams got a break in the first four matches. For this tiebreaker the teams had a little over three days of rest after the travel from Strasbourg to Chalon and this will also be the fifth consecutive final for Strasbourg in the last five season after they lost all four of the previous finals.
Start of the match: 23.06.2017.-20:30 CET


Hosts have so far showed great defense that matches the one of Strasbourg but in the last game they couldn´t cope with Strasbourg´s brilliant shooting behind the arc - point guards Walker and Slaughter shot an impressive 67% from downtown(10/15) completely tearing Chalon´s defense apart. However, Strasbourg can always beat the hosts in a physical game with post offenses and in this tiebreaker we expect another even match with a dramatic ending and a possible free throw ending. Chalon´s also wasn´t bas with their 3pt shooting in the last game(45%) but they just couldn´t handle Strasbourg whose coach has 4 lost finals behind him so the experience is completely on the side of the guests.
Probable starting lineup: Clark, Roberson, Fall, Harris, Nzeulie


Since 2011. Collet has entered the playoff final in five season with Strasbourg four times and lost all four of them so this is an ideal chance for them to finally win the title. After the injury of their starting power forward Murphy hewas replaced by Jaiteh who is a much more potent rebounder and better post player so it actually turns out in the end that that injury only helped Strasbourg whose starting five now has much more strength in their frontcourt. After full three days of rest before this tiebreaker we think these teams could have one high scoring quarter but we also expect a physical game with fouls involved so in our opinion this handicap is the most affordable option and we think Strasbourg can cover this after their best performance in this year´s playoff so far but we also think they can mount a complete surprise and win the title as well.
Probable starting lineup: Slaughter, Travis, Lacombe, Jaiteh, Ntilikina(Howard)

Chalon/Saone - Strasbourg TIP

Experience is certainly on the side of Collet and the guests - since his installation in 2011. Collet lost all four finals he entered with Strasbourg but today in our opinion they have the best chance to win that much wanted title. Behind them is their best match in this playoff and by far their best shooting performance and although both teams are having some issues with absences and short rotations we won´t gamble with point totals in this decisive match but we tip away team handicap that Strasbourg won´t lose with more than 5 pts of difference including OT.
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TIP: h2(+5.5)

Stake: 4/5

Quota: 1.96 at Marathonbet


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