Panathinaikos - AEK

Third match of the playoff semifinal in Greek Basket League in which PAO will try to use their home court advantage to regain the lead in the series after losing the last game at AEK(70:71).
Start of the match: 18.05.2017.-18:00 CET


Hosts have to a better grip offensively and play this first half at the level they did in the previous game and maybe even at a higher level because AEK is forcing quicker type of game in the first 20 minutes while in the 2nd half they tighten up defensively more but this game could result with a total over besides the 1st half over. Panatha started off well in the previous game with a small ball alternated starting five and they functioned great in the first half but once again they couldn´t find their rhythm in the second half. After a few days of rest I expect at least 40 points from them in this first half which should be enough for this margin and I also expect much better shooting from both teams in comaprison to the last match.
Probable starting lineup: Calathes, Singleton, Pappas, Rivers, James


AEK´s tactics for PAO have shown themselves as completely accurate so far as they are emphasizin a lot of 3pt shots as well as faster tempo in the first half. Both times so far teams surpassed this same line in the 1st half and after two matches played and a couple of days to rest in between we consider this game to be ideal for another 1st half over. Teams have now gained more feel for the game and PAO has also noticed it´s not affordable to go big against AEK so we expect a game in which the hosts could go over their average amount of 3 pt attempts per match while from the guests we expect their usual amount of threes. All in all all of this should be enough for at least 75 points in the first half.
Probable starting lineup: Ukic, Milosevic, Mavroeidis, Newley, McGrath

Panathinaikos - AEK TIP

Third match should still bring faster tempo to the floor and total over as the 1st half over but we consider this first half to be a safer option. Both teams have had the most time to rest so far in between matches in this series and this isn ´t a decisive match of the series and none of the teams is threatened with elimination. AEK os constantly trying to speed up the tempo in the first half with their threes(they shoot almost 30 in average per game in this series) and Panatha will also have to improve their offensive performance after gaining better feel of the game as the guests after initial two games.
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TIP: 1st half over 73.5 points

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